Institutional Investors

Our investment strategies, all based on our long-term, research-driven investment approach, cover small-, mid- and large-cap growth business in the U.S. and overseas. We offer separately managed accounts, sub-advisory services and mutual funds.

We invest in growth companies in small, mid-sized, smid, large and all-cap portfolios, in both the U.S. and overseas. Our strategies include growth, high growth, innovation and real estate. Institutional and retail shares are available for all mutual funds. We take great pride in providing our shareholders with superior customer service.

Institutional Sales and Financial Institutions Sales Contacts
 Name Contact Information Name Contact Information
James Barrett
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VP, Head of Institutional Sales

Chelsea Ameen
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Director, Financial Institutions
David Kaplan
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VP,Senior Director,
Institutional Sales - East Coast

  Roger Mack
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Director of Institutional Client Services
Meeta Singal
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VP, Director, Institutional Sales - Center Region 
  Samantha Gould Institutional Client Services Associate
Elizabeth Klewicki Institutional Sales Associate
Carla Avila
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VP, Head of Financial Institutions
Ashley Bradley
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Director, Financial Institutions

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